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Building a Post partum wardrobe on a budget

Weight loss is challenging for almost every one of us. But, one of the most difficult battles with weight begins post –pregnancy. Given our crazy schedules, trying to juggle family and work responsibilities, we find it harder and harder to focus on ourselves. Further, our bodies have just gone through tremendous changes and takes time to adjust e.g. the uterus takes 5 to 6 weeks to decrease in size irrespective of your exercise regime. But, in the meantime we cannot keep wearing the same old maternity clothes. They may be very comfortable, but they do make us look dumpy and sack like. Therefore, at such a time it would be most prudent to get a few plus size clothes.

But, this doesn’t mean we have to max out our credit cards building a new wardrobe. There are a number of ways we can get the best plus sized wardrobe for ourselves at a great price. Following are a few such tips;

  • Pre-pregnancy clothes – Take stock of what you already own. Out of all the clothes from pre-pregnancy days find out which still fit you and which can be altered to a bigger size. Take the latter to a tailor and get them made into your new size. This way you’ll get to keep your favourite pieces.
  • Old maternity clothes- There are a number of ways you can use your old maternity clothes and save a lot of money. If a future pregnancy is on the cards, then keep them packed away for a later use. Otherwise refashion them into any form you like. You can take the free flowing maternity maxi dress and create a new slimmer and fashionable one by clinching it at the waist with a broad belt. Accessorize it with a chunky bangle or bracelet and you’ve a great new outfit. Just like your pre-pregnancy clothes, even these can be altered but into a smaller size. And for the ones you never want to wear again; you can turn them into rags, quilts, bags, pillows, dog clothes etc. The internet is filled with great tips and ideas in this regard.
  • Plus size clothing brands – There are certain shops which cater specifically to plus sized women. Being the experts in this area, they have great selections and styles of such garments. If you don’t have time to go looking for these stores you can order online. This is the easiest method of getting chic quick, and services like free next day delivery at Yours Clothing will save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Online discount vouchers – While shopping online, you can avail a number of vouchers providing you discounts like 50% off designer clothing, buy 2 get 2 free etc. These discounts are great money savers and help you make purchases you never thought you could afford. When registering at these store sites sign up for their newsletters, these give you updated information about all ongoing or coming sales and discounts.  Also, try making use of reward and referral bonus programs wherever you find them. Most online stores carry such offers.

Keep these points in mind while shopping for your new clothes and try sticking to slimming colours like black and brown. Finally, steer clear from the sweat pants and oversized tees section, instead opt for free flowing skirts, empire waistline tops/dresses, cross sweaters etc.


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