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Building Wealth in your 20′s

dollarThere are many articles and books that explain the benefit of starting to invest at a young age. The reason for this is because the earlier one starts investing, the longer their money generates investment income and compound annual gains.

If you are investing for retirement, and you are currently 25 years old, then you have 40+ years of annual growth before you would have to touch your retirement money. By just investing $100.00 per week and gaining a humble 6% return each year over 40 years, your investment of $208,000 would be equal to $804,762.22. Bump up your yearly investment returns by just 2% to the 8% level, and you would have a balance of over a million dollars ($1,347,093.90).

So if you want to start building wealth in your 20′s, one easy strategy is to start putting as little as $100.00 into stocks, mutual funds, or money market accounts to begin the compound annual growth that will get you to millions once you retire.


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