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Easy Investing on Finding a Job

Many  people don’t realize it, but finding or changing to a job that pays a higher hourly rate or salary is a type of investment.  It’s an investment in your future earnings growth and potential.  Even if you earn as little as $1000 more annually, investing that extra $1000 over a period of 5, 10 or 20 years will result in a substantial difference in long term savings.  This also applies to retirement accounts, since an increased salary enables more money to be socket away in 401K and IRA savings plans.  What is the best way to start your job search and boost your income potential?  Let’s look at how technology can help job hunters out.

Social networking sites are more popular than ever.  LinkedIn is a social networking site targeted towards connecting professions with potential opportunities.  The opportunities can range from business ventures and changing jobs to head hunters targeting you.  Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated with your latest job status and responsibilities.  This gives potentially employers up to date information on you in case they come across your LinkedIn profile.

Another social networking site worth joining is Twitter.  Create an interesting user name or handle, and broadcast messages on your skills, interests, and desires.  By doing this daily (or once you are addicted, it will most likely be hourly), you will build a large network of contacts, some of which might just be your next employer or a referral to one.

An easy way to attract attention to your resume and skills is to build a simple web site where potential employers or head hunters can view your most up to date resume.  Domain names can be purchased for as little as $10, and if you hire someone to do your website, it might cost a $100 – $200.  If you are skilled enough yourself, it should only take a couple hours to get a site up and running.  Advertise your site to the major search engines to attract visits, and make sure to search engine optimize (SEO) your site.  This will enable search engines to find your site and update their relevant links accordingly.  Also, make sure to Twitter about your site and any recently posted information or details.

Above are just a few easy investing ideas to spruce up your chances of finding a job and increasing your income potential.

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