Mortgage Rate Trends

Determining mortgage rate trends is thought to be a difficult activity, however with access to many mortgage, banking and economic indicator sites, figuring out mortgage rate trends is easier than you think.

Sites like and are excellent resources for tracking and predicting where mortage rates will be headed.  For example, on, you can track mortgage rates for the average 15 and 30 year rate based on daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly charts.  Note that rates are different for each state, so rates shown on sites like show the average rate across all states.

To find local rates, it is best to search for mortgage companies in your local area.  For example, if you live in Austin Texas, one of the local mortgage companies called SweetWater Mortgage shows rates for the local area and Texas.  Rates can be as much as a 0.5% difference from state to state, so make sure to check your local rates in comparison to the US average mortgage rate trends. provides a zip code input form so the site can cater mortgage rates to your specific area.  The search results will provide the lowest rates around and disclose any points or fees associated with obtaining that specific mortgage.

Next time you are looking to find out current mortgage rate trends and understand what direction mortgage rates are headed, look no further than you local mortgage provider web sites or industry specific sites like

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